Heart of Midlothian Swim School

Lessons Explained


As a Scottish Swimming swiMark holder, we provide comprehensive lessons for all levels of ability. Please see below for descriptions of each of our levels.


FUNdamentals - Seahorses (3-5 years and 5+ years)

This class focuses on the core aquatic skills such as floating, aquatic breathing, submersion and propulsion whilst increasing water confidence. Skills are taught using fun and educational games in small classes of 4 pupils: 1 teacher with teachers in the water. All of these skills are required before learning the technicalities of the 4 strokes.


Beginner 1 - Turtles

Frontcrawl, backstroke and breaststroke techniques are introduced in this class where children start to learn how to swim. Teachers focus on allowing children to be as independent as possible whilst still in the water to build their self-confidence and continue building core aquatic skills.


Beginner 2 - Penguins

This class continues to develop frontcrawl, backstroke and breaststroke and introduces butterfly 'wiggles' (kicking). Further technicalities such as diving, rotary breathing and somersaults are introduced whilst the teacher moves onto poolside to continue building independence.



All strokes continue to be developed in this class and all children swim full lengths of each stroke. This class aims to further raise body awareness in the water and advanced skills such as sculling and treading water are introduced.

Stroke Development

Stroke development

This class is the highest level of our swimming lessons and focuses on refining all 4 strokes whilst continuing to develop diving and turning techniques. As well as stroke development, this class also focuses on building stamina and prepares children to enter our Swim Academy which is the level below club swimming.

What to Bring to Lessons

Swimming Costume (No baggy swim shorts as they restrict movement)
Swimming Goggles
Swimming Cap